Company: Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
Vacancy: 4
Experience: < 6 months
City: Kolkata

Position: Field Officer
Department: Across Divisions
Total Experience: 0 - 6 months. 
Location: KOLKATA
No. of  Vacancy: 4


  1. You will cover all doctors as per the MCL.
  2. You will cover a minimum doctor call average of 12 doctors per day as per standard list.
  3. To implement and follow up on product strategies decided by PMT for better prescription mileage.
  4. You will meet campaign doctors twice in a month or as decided by the H.O/PMT.
  5. You will ensure the availability of products at all the chemist shops adjacent to the doctor’s chambers.
  6. You will achieve minimum call average of 5 chemists per working day as per the list provided by you in consultation and with the approval of ABM / SM.
  7. You will collect information from the market and record it in the market survey feed back forms and sends it to the ABM/SM along with the DCR.
  8. You shall on an average do market survey from one chemist per day.
  9. You will be responsible to collect data from the market and provide the same to the Product Management Department for launching new products.
  10. You shall ensure through the stockist that correct and complete stock and sales statement is prepared and submitted to the concerned Managers. The statement should be signed with the party’s stamp and discussed with the stockist, particularly highlighting high inventory products and liquidation plan. Stock and sales plan should be dispatched on or before the 3rd day of the month. Payment details must be reflected in the stock and sales statement.
  11. You will follow up on the outstanding bills of your area in the interest of completion of sales.
  12. You will ensure that the stockist maintains adequate stocks for all products.
  13. It will be your primary responsibility to avoid expiry of all products at stockist level.
  14. To strengthen the business you shall refrain from taking any leave during joint field working with ABM/SM/HO Personnel except in case of unavoidable circumstances such as accidents/hospitalization of self/family member’s etc. Under these circumstances you will provide proof or certificate of doctor under whom self/family member is taking treatment.
  15. To develop and to establish customer relationship with at least 75 to 100 Doctors in the entire division for higher growth of the division and for conversion of non- prescribers with regular or higher frequency of visit.
  16. To explore the possibilities for new markets for future expansion and growth.
  17. To do market research on competitors activities on various products, like price variation, novel strategies etc. and to give feed back to the marketing dept. to combat competition.
  18. To Participate/organize symposia/exhibition /CMEs and to assist the HO team to participate in seminars and annual conference of doctors’ meets.
  19. To implement and to adhere to organization policies and norms which are in force by self and team members.
  20. To scrutinize the doctor prescription potential during joint field work to take corrective measures.

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